Miami Senior High Class of 1958

Miami High Class of 1958 Birthday Reunion

For all of you who missed the Miami High Class of 1958 Birthday reunion a good time was had by all.

Here is the list of classmates and others that were at our reunion. The reunion took place on May 20-May 23, 2010. Even though it was a smaller group the friendship and closeness was part of why we have had reunions every 5 years and then of course our California Birthday reunions every 10 years.

Most of the people came from out of town and Don Bishop and Judy Migden Cole were the classmates that still live and came from Miami. We were sorry more didn't make the trip as this might be our last get together, unless someone from Fla. volunteers to chair the event and organize the Class Reunion which would be in 2018. Sounds scarey dosen't it! That will be our 60th Class reunion. Diane will continue to keep up the data base as long as possible. We also had the priviledge of having Ray Smith our honorary classmate and webmaster attend the reunion. He promises to keep up the website as long as possible. Look up the website on www.miamihighclassof1958.

We had so many great times as planned by Diane Berk Bork and with the help of Jack Leyes, Joe Hecker and Harriet and Lionel Gillerman (Lasko) we managed to enjoy so very much the group that attended and special events planned. Thursday night we went over to Albies Restaurant for dinner and piano bar. Friday we met at the Town & Country Hotel for Appetizers and drinks on the beautiful Trellis's pool and patio area. We enjoyed the band and was given a special tribute to the Miami High Class of 1958. Along with a medley of music from the 50 and 60's. Saturday we all met to enjoy different tours of San Diego, including a trip to Balboa Park and the Zoo and also a Trolley trip seeing all of San Diego. Herb Smith got a special trip to the Casino, located in the North County of Alpine on the Indian Reservation. Then we gathered by the pool for drinks and went into our own private dinning room at Trellis's Restaurant for a sit down dinner and each classmate shared of the special times we all enjoyed at our Miami High Day's and all the reunions that have continued for all these years. Sunday we went to Old Town (the original Mexican settlement ) for a Champagne breakfast at El Fandango. Then sadly we all went our separate ways. We are so very fortunate to have the closeness and friendships formed so many years back.

  • Paul & Flora White
  • Harriet and Lionel Gillerman(Lasko)
  • Judy Migden Cole and Richard Dunn- Judy's Cousin and Aunt, Michele Kayden and Shirley Greenberg
  • Joe and Loralee Hecker
  • Diane Berk Bork & Jack Leyes
  • Betty & Harvey Yaschik (Barnett)
  • Marcia Buan Steinhauser
  • Marvin Schiller
  • Don Bishop
  • Herb Smith
  • John Prior and Janice Husak
  • Judy & Mort Liner (Fishman)
  • Ray Smith (webmaster)

You may enjoy past reunion pictures by just clicking on the date of the reunion. Please send any additional pictures to add to our website to Diane Bork's email or by mail to
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      Diane Bork (Berk)