Miami Senior High Class of 1958

Miami High Class of 1958 Celebration of Life Reunion 2014

      For all of you who missed the Miami High Class of 1958 Celebration of Life reunion on October 22-26, 2014 it was a great reunion with a wonderful appetizer pool party with cash bar, A sit down Dinner Dance with live band in the Sapphire Room on the 20th Floor of the Coconut Grove Marriott Hotel, Wonderful Brunch at Lynn Vinocur Wilsonís House in Coral Gables. And of course the tour of Miami High Schoolís 100 year old renovated High School led by Fred Darwick. There was also a trip to the Marlinís Ball Park, Hospitality Suite at the hotel for all to enjoy and of course some of the galís went over to Montyís for Lunch and even got to enjoy lunch and wine furnished by Steve Kneapler that owns the restaurant and a former Miami High alumni.
      Thanks to our Committee-Diane Berk Bork, Rodger Irvine, Lynn Vinocur Wilson, Mike Kelly, Linda Rovin Cooper, Barry Szemere, Judy Cole Migden, Jeanne Mitchell and Don Bishop who made the name tags.       We are so fortunate to have the classmates and friendships formed so many years back.

Linda(Allen) & Howard Johnson
Diane Berk Bork
Susie Brammer Entel
Peggy Byrd Pixley
Margaret Cowan & George Moorman
Sharon Diamond Black
Fred & Susie Feldman
Mark Frances
Robert Gallagher
Susan Goodman Prior
Nancy Greenwood Smith
Barbara(Hacker) & Lou Berman
Phyllis (Hollande)r & Ron Shaw
Mike Kelly
Joel Levin
Gloria Malcolm Shorte
Steve McCowan
Carol Miller
Doug & Marcella Powell
Stephan & Laura Rich
Sandra Schreidel (Wexler)
Herb & Pam Smith
Diane Thimont &Marie Thimont Stoser
Thomas McMullan
Mike & Ruth Wasserman
Janet Levin
Robby Rand
Betty(Barnett) & Harvey Yaschik
Don Bishop
Charles & Caryl Bremer
Arthur & Gail Chaykin
Phyllis Deich & Doug McDonald
Bonnie Dubbin Askowitz & Bob Spitz
Carole (Finkbone) & Jim Busbee
Stan Freedman (class of 57)
Honey Goldberg Mondress
Rose (Granoff) & Bryan Perrin
Muriel Greenwood Harris
Jack & Nancy Herskowitz
Rodger & Susie Irvine
Frank & Judy Kreutzer
Maury & Elaine Locke
Gene & Simone Mariutto
Judy Migden (Cole) & Rick Dunn
Pat Pollack Toemmes and Kevin Fennell
Bill & Ilena Pruitt
Donna (Ross) & David Buchwald
Paul Simone
Barry Szemere
Lynn Vinocur Wilson
Ann Voorhees McMullan
Jeff & Lorraine Kurland
Phyllis Feldman Levitt
Don Bierman & wife